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Blast Off Bobber 4" Yellow

Our NEW Blast Off Bobbers are a great new bobber collection that combines accuracy, sensitivity, visibility, versatility and durability.

Casting Distance: Casts up to 30-40 yards w/o any extra weight! Boat or shore fishing, get your bait out to where the fish are!

Accuracy: Blast Off Bobbers are aerodynamic and weighted in such a way that they cast further with pin point accuracy. The bobber will actually fly tip first by design to achieve casting to a specific location.

Sensitivity: Blast Off Bobbers are super sensitive as they were designed to lay flat on the water and stand up slowly as the fish inhale the bait.

Visibility: Blast Off Bobbers offer great visibility that have a two-toned contrasting-color top that can be seen in varying lighting conditions. The bottom has been made in camo black so it silhouettes more gently so as to not spook the fish. Predators are typically white on the underside, so when something, such as a bobber, hits the water that is black it is least likely to scare the fish.

Versatility: Blast Off Bobbers are versatile as they have a dual option J-hook bottom to go from fixed to slip fishing by simply extending the J-hook and rotating it between the two different depth holes.

Durability: Made with a super strong ABS Plastic material that is sonic welded not glued that makes Blast Off Bobbers perform well when casting into rocky areas or areas with structures.

Hook Remover: Blast Off Bobbers easy out hook remover is great when using for panfish.

Size: Available in 3 sizes and 2 color variations.

1 bobber
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